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Reminder about Covenants and Ordinances

At the May HOA Board Meeting, two of the items discussed were the Fieldstone Covenants and Savoy Village Ordinances.

As residents of Fieldstone, we have agreed to support and be reasonable with our time and efforts in making this community a beautiful place to call home. To attain our ideals within the community, the HOA Board would like to address recent concerns by reminding residents of the following covenants and ordinances.

  1. No construction or other traffic is allowed in the common areas. If a resident would like to have some sort of traffic, they need board approval.

  2. No dumping is allowed in common areas, including ponds. This includes no dumping of trees in the pond.

  3. Per covenant rules, trash cans must be stored out of sight.

  4. Per covenant rules, residents may not park vehicles overnight on residential streets.

  5. Per local ordinance, owners must pick up after their dogs on owner's property and common areas.

  6. Per local ordinance, grass must be mowed.

It is incumbent of all within the community to adhere to these covenants and ordinances to ensure that the quality of life in Fieldstone continues to be amazing and a welcome place we all love to call home.

Should you have comments or concerns about these items, please contact an HOA Board Member.

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