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Playground Design Contest

Ephraim, Dimuthu, and I are pleased to announce that the fieldstone HOA playground exploration committee is launching a Playground Design Contest! If we are to build a playground in Fieldstone, we want to know the voice of our primary customer - the children of this community. We would love to know what the children think is important in building a playground in fieldstone. What do you wish a playground in our neighborhood would look like?

Rules -Any child can submit a playground design (parents can help if they want.... parents can make submissions too but only kids can win :) ) -Submissions can begin in any format (paper, digital, etc) but must be converted to a digital format (take a picture of drawing, scan it) -Playground submissions can be as realistic or creative as desired -All submissions must be emailed to by February 29th, 2020

Prizes -The winner will get to share their idea at an HOA board meeting, will get their design posted on the facebook community, and will get a secret prize!

This contest is JUST FOR FUN - we likely will not build the best playground design. That being said, we would love to tap into the creativity of our neighborhood's children. This is a great way to see what our kids value in a playground and get engagement from the parents. Thank you! Looking forward to your submissions

Ephraim, Dimuthu, and Darin

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