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Off-Street Parking Reminder

Dear homeowners,

We would like to remind you that the covenants for both Phase I and II of the Fieldstone subdivision state the following regarding off-street parking:

Off-Street Parking: All property owners shall provide and use at all times off-street parking for the number of automobiles in use by the owner or resident on the property. Garages must be provided for not less than two (2) automobiles in use by the residents on the property. All property owners or residents in Fieldstone Subdivision owning or possessing trucks, trailers, campers, boats, motorcycles, motor homes, or any type of recreational vehicle which they desire to park in the subdivision shall provide and use an enclosed garage for the storage of such vehicle.

Out of respect for your neighbors, please encourage the members of your household and any guests to park their vehicles in your garage or driveway.

Thank you, Bill Navigato Fieldstone HOA President

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