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Meet the 2024 HOA Candidates

Magaly Loy – 1308 Fieldstone

I am originally from Texas and active duty Army brought us to Champaign. Raised 2 daughters across the US while spouse served in the military. Volunteered on several boards throughout years including PTA, Girl Scouts, Swim Team and other military family readiness groups.

Tim Ward – 1417 Winterberry Dr.

Current HOA Board Member (Secretary)

I was born and raised in Champaign-Urbana and after nearly 30 years of living around the world chasing professional goals, my wife Cynthia and I moved into our home in Fieldstone. The neighborhood offered a strong sense of community, defined by friendly interactions between neighbors, good schools, low crime and a great mix of age and ethnicity. I am a graduate of Kansas State University and a proud veteran of the US Army. Professionally, I own my own business (media/writer) and work from home. I’d be honored to be elected for another term on the Fieldstone HOA board.

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