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HOA Board Meeting 8/3/21 (Updated with Minutes)

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

The HOA Board of Directors will be meeting on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. at Barb Schroeder's back patio (1205 Ridge Creek). Any homeowners wishing to attend are welcome, but please let us know if you plan to attend.

Homeowners will have an opportunity to ask questions of the board of directors.

Minutes from the August 3rd Fieldstone HOA Meeting are below:

Meeting came to order at approximately 6:36p.m. Barbara Schroeder’s back patio.

In attendance were HOA Board: Bill Navigato, Michael Lauher, Elly Peirson, Denny Morgan, Barbara Schroeder and homeowners: Rick Schroeder, Phillip Rowell.

I. President’s report – n/a

II. Treasurer’s Report

a. We have $73,504.11 in the account at this time. Three homeowners remain outstanding in their dues, one of those homeowners disputes that they owe the 2019 dues, but has not provided proof of payment. Michael has sent the delinquent accounts notices of their past due accounts. Letters will be sent to add back interest to the dues.

b. Treasurer’s report accepted without opposition.

c. Barb suggested putting all the money in excess of our annual budget into a money market account or savings account that can immediately be transferred to the checking account when necessary. This will give homeowners the ability to see how we are doing on our budget and also what we are saving for large projects like pond erosion control, etc.

d. Motion passed without opposition.

III. Secretary’s report

a. Minutes shared for May 4, 2021 meeting and shared with the board on May 5, 2021. Bill and Barb wanted to amend the minutes, but edits were not tendered to Elly for revision and therefore were not published to homeowners. Minutes as drafted approved by board.

IV. Old Business

a. McCoy sump pump resolved. Issue was the homeowner’s connection to the HOA line.

  • There was a request for the tree behind his property to be removed. There is no evidence that the tree is causing damage, therefore the request was denied.

V. New Business

a. Village of Savoy Trustee Larry Kanfer would like to meet with the HOA board and discuss issues the board has. Board will invite him to the next HOA meeting.

b. TCI bill – Tri-county irrigation sent us a bill for $218.83 to start up the irrigation along airport road. Elly will call TCI to get clarification on the bill since we contracted with them to put in new irrigation for the planting beds at the entrances, but that project is on hold now because the irrigation relied on water from the ponds.

  • Elly filled out the application for a new hose bib to be installed with the Village of Savoy, but the board has not approved the additional cost to run the pipe to the Village water line.

  • Barb suggested not installing irrigation at the entrances and planting low maintenance perennials that will only need water the first year.

c. Fountains – the cost to repair the fountains is approximately $500 to $1000 depending on whether or not they can use refurbished parts for the motor. Barb moved to remove the fountains and trash them. Bill seconded.


  • Elly expressed concern on behalf of several homeowners who have contacted the board directly and posted on Facebook that they would like to see the fountains replaced.

  • Elly also suggested that the moving water would help control the algae growth. Barb and Bill disagreed.

  • Phil Rowell also expressed a desire to see some beautification done of the area around the ponds.

  • Elly suggested adding plants to the pond perimeter like cattails that are natural erosion control plants and water lilies that will both add beauty and starve the algae. Barb and Bill disagreed.

  • Bill and Barb expressed concern about adding an expense that is focused on the desire of the few people who live near and can view the ponds.

  • Motion to remove and trash the fountains passed, with Elly opposing.

  • Michael moved to approach the developers to address the erosion issue/design flaw with the ponds and determine if a more appropriate fountain (designed for a more shallow pond) can be put in. Motion passed without opposition.

d. Barb moved to have electricity to the fountains tied off and Ameren bill canceled. Bill seconded. Motion passed.

e. Motor Vehicles on Commons – a child is driving a golf cart through the commons area which is not only not legal, but also dangerous. Board passed a rule without opposition: No motor vehicles of any type, including, but not limited to golf carts, construction trucks, sports utility vehicles, landscaping trucks, etc., may be driven in the commons areas without prior HOA board approval in writing.

VI. Landscape Committee

a. Plant sale fundraiser yielded $483.50 for landscape committee projects (all of the seeds, soil, and other materials were donated and not deducted from sale profits). Spent on:

  • Drift roses and additional zinnias for Summerbrook Corner. ($160)

  • Hose storage (frog and turtle) for Summerbrook. ($150)

  • Supplemental mulch and flagstone for Summerbrook. ($30)

  • $143 remains and earmarked for mums and pumpkins for the fall garden or additional shrubs.

  • Michael received a question about the dirt hill that became an eye sore with the weeds. Elly explained that we intended to lay down sod but were concerned about mowing/maintenance of the hill and are exploring a low maintenance ground cover. The children seem to enjoy digging in the dirt, so the landscape committee decided to allow them that natural space to play. The landscape committee will continue to research options and appreciate the feedback.

VII. Architecture Committee

a. The HOA board of directors have no control over fence and structure approvals. The developers retained control over these issues. Denny will simply facilitate the requests to Katie Follis (

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Annual meeting will be in November (election and passing a new budget).

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